Drew Reynolds Memorial Softball Tournament Est. 2004

Drew Reynolds Memorial
Softball Tournament

Hosted By:
Ken Harper Masters Softball

Drew Reynolds was an avid softball player, soccer player, fisherman and all around
great sportsman.  He was an awesome father, husband and friend. Drew worked for
United Parcel Service for twelve years when he was killed on January 6, 2004, in an
auto accident, by a man on methamphedamines.      

He has been sorely missed...

What his brother in law, Mike Malarae started in honor of him and to help Drew's young
girls start a college fund has turned into a Memorial weekend tradition honoring he and
others we have lost in our community. The money raised now goes to projects in and
around our community.  

Every year the funds are directed to different organizations in need....The main focus is
adolescent drug prevention & education programs through CoRR.(Community
Recovery Resources).  These funds have supported drug prevention assemblies at the
local high school, where Baylee, Drew's oldest daughter, was able to speak on how
you don't have to be the one doing drugs for your life to be affected by them. She was
also a guest speaker at an open air concert that we helped fund put on by the Coalition
for a Drug Free Nevada County.

These funds are also donated to Anew Day, a non profit organization that offers
counseling free of charge to our community. Anything from
drug and
suicide to grief counseling, they are there to help.

These funds have helped a family pay for medical bills after a
tragic accident paralyzed a young mother, and another family
with burial costs of their teenager.

Just a few examples of where your donations have gone...

Recently, the family of Drew as graciously decided to allow the
Rotary Club of Penn Valley to carry on the legacy and host the
tournament.  Penn Valley Rotary hopes to do the legacy justice.

We believe in the old saying, "It takes a village."  We can only hope that we will be able
to continue doing our part...
 Thanks to you.  In honor of Drew.